• Saiyid Khusro Iqbal High Court
  • Syeda Shahnila Khusro Master in International Relations Philanthropist & Analyst
  • Basil Saiyid A Beaconite, Youth Ambassador & Researcher



Ukraine prospective admission into a 74 year old military alliance NATO and NATO’s eastward growing footprints were considered by Russian government as threat to its national security and of the region so they preempted, and on 24 February 2022 invaded Ukraine, thus creating a fiasco which now has turned into an uncontrollable bloodstained and infra structure demolishing  battlefield at the crossroads of transcontinental Russia and East European Ukraine, despite international controlled peace efforts & mediation. Although Ukraine, being the part of former Soviet Union, has strong economical, political and cultural ties with Russia but due to Russian invasion such close ties are turning to animosity and bitter relations which are likely to be carried forward to the coming generations of Russians and Ukrainians. Recently on 17 March 2023 the Hague seated International Criminal Court (ICC) declared Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, as a war criminal to issue an arrest warrant. The ICC believes on the basis of available witnesses and evidence that Russia got into multiple war crimes at Ukraine, including but not limited to unlawful deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia. This clash gives a signal that to support Ukraine the US dominated west is at crossroad with Russia by helping Ukraine through sophisticated war heads and financial aid. Deplorably, the revanchist aggression has turned into ideological combat between Russia and Europe on the battle ground of Ukraine. Consequently, the world seems transforming into multipolar world.

Keywords: NATO, Ukraine, Russia, Euro-Atlantic Security, International Criminal Court (ICC), Global Mediation, Crimea Annexation.


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Saiyid Khusro Iqbal , High Court


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