PJSR Vol. 3, 2021

Sr# Title Author Page# Link
1 Economic Organization of Khusra Community of Pakistan Dr. Fahd Zulfiqar and Dr. Ikram Badshah 1-14 Download Now
2 Financial Intelligence and Its Barriers in the Investigation Process of Countering the Financing of Terrorism in Pakistan Dr. Ayaz Khan, Dr. Jamil Ahmad, and Dr. Jan Alam 15-22 Download Now
3 Cultural Tourism in Kaghan Valley: Potential and Problems Dr. Anas Mahmud Arif , Dr. Abdul Hameed, and Syeda Fizza 23-43 Download Now
4 Cultural Values about Gender Inequalities and their Implications for Women’s Health in Rural Punjab, Pakistan Saira Siddiqui, Nabeela Farah, and Nazia Malik 44-53 Download Now
5 Conflict of Domestic and Professional Duties among Lady Health Workers Nazia Salah ud Din, Tahira Jabeen, and Yumna Meer 54-61 Download Now
6 Exploring the Determinants of Extremism in the Universities of Pakistan Muhammad Atif, Dr. Babak Mahmood, and Muhammad Idrees 62-69 Download Now
7 Lack of Transparency and Freedom of Information in Pakistan: An Analysis of Government’s Functioning and Realistic Policy Options for Reform Dr. Tahira Mumtaz and Dr. Sumbal Tariq 70-76 Download Now
8 Women Economic Empowerment in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis of Legal Framework Dr. Fozia Naseem, Dr. Farhana Nosheen, and Dr. Nazia Malik 77-88 Download Now
9 The Perceptions and Practices of Secondary School Teachers for Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Students Samina Ali, Sadruddin Bahadur Qutoshi, and Zahra Jabeen 89-98 Download Now
10 An Analysis of The Perceptions of Fata Students on Frontier Crimes Regulations: An Empirical Study at Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan Dr. Khalil ur Rahman, Tariq Anwar Khan, and Zia Ullah Khan 99-105 Download Now
11 Social Vulnerability of Coastal Community Due to Climate Change: An Exploratory Study of Coastal Region of Sindh Tahir Iqbal and Dr Ameer Ali Abro 106-118 Download Now
12 Relationship between Corporate Governance and Corporate Sustainability Imran Rafiq 119-129 Download Now
13 Understanding Cybercrime and Youth: A Perception Based Approach Faiz Ullah, Dr. Ahmad Ali, and Zahid Umar 99-105 Download Now
14 Commercialization Covert Approach and Tourism Dr. Junaid Bashir, Dr. Anas Mahmud Arif and Owais Khan 137-140 Download Now
15 Locus of Control, Delay of Gratification and Adherence to Treatment in People with Diabetes Ms. Musfirah Nasr Chaudhry and Dr. Omama Tariq 141-151 Download Now
16 Development and Validation of the Psychosocial Issues of Hysterectomy Cancer Patient Scale Tanzila Tanzeem and Dr. Zahid Mahmood 152-161 Download Now
17 Fiscal Policy in Pakistan: The Politics of Distribution in a Changing Landscape Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, Dr. Ayza Shoukat, and Muhammad Gulzaib Chaudhary 162-169 Download Now
18 Development of Mental Health Scale for Truck Drivers: A Psychometric Approach Syed Muhammad Imran Haider Zaidi, Prof. Dr. Zahid Mahmood, Prof. Dr Sadia Saleem 170-174 Download Now
19 A Threat Assessment of Bioterrorism from Al-Qaida To Islamic State Muhammad Sheraz, Dr. Usman Hameed, & Zarfishan Qaiser 175-183 Download Now
20 Effect of Post Trauma Stress Disorder on Social Settings of Women: A Study in District Sargodha, Punjab Pakistan Urwah Sheikh, Humera Amin, & Farhana Nosheen 184-193 Download Now
21 Social Media in Second Language Classroom: A Survey of ESL Students at University Level Dr. Mubarak Lashary, Muntazar Mehdi, and Dr. Yasir Arafat 194-203 Download Now
22 Episteme and Experiences about Pashtunwali: The Standpoint of Pashtun Women of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Latafat Aziz, Rabia Ali and Asim Muneeb Khan 204-215 Download Now
23 Aging and Social Engagement: Cultural Influences Sajjad Hussain and Dr. Saif ur Rehman Saif Abbasi 216-224 Download Now