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Referencing Style

Pakistan Journal of Social Research (PJSR) followed the APA Manual (7th edition) for referencing. Brief guidelines/examples are provided below for use of APA referencing style for manuscript. Details about such examples can be found at AUT Website.

Reference Types In-text Reference List
Book with Single Author

(Gore, 2006)


Gore, (2006)

Gore, A. (2006). An inconvenient truth: The planetary emergency of global warming and what we can do about it. Emmaus, PA: Rodale.
Book with Two Authors

(Michaels & Balling, 2000)


Michaels & Balling, (2000)

Michaels, P. J., & Balling, R. C., Jr. (2000). The satanic gases: Clearing the air about global warming. Washington, DC: Cato Institute.
Book with Editor as Author

(Galley, 2004)


Galley, (2004)

Galley. K. E. (Ed.). (2004). Global climate change and wildlife in North America. Bethesda, MD: Wildlife Society.
Book & ebook with DOI

(Ewert et al., 2014)


Ewert et al. (2014)

Ewert, E.W., Mitten, D.S., & Overholt, J.R. (2014). Natural environments and human health. CAB International.
Brochure or Pamphlet

(New York, 2002)


New York, (2002)

New York State Department of Health. (2002). After a sexual assault. [Brochure]. Albany, NY: Author.


An Anonymous Book

(Environmental Resource Handbook, 2001)


Environmental Resource Handbook, (2001)

Environmental resource handbook. (2001). Millerton, NY: Grey House.
Articles in Reference Books (Greenhouse effect, 2005) (Schneider, 2000) Greenhouse effect. (2005). American heritage science dictionary. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin. Schneider, S. H. (2000). Greenhouse effect. World book encyclopedia (Millennium ed. Vol. 8, pp. 382-383). Chicago, IL: World Book.
Magazine Articles

(Allen, 2004)


Allen, (2004)


(Begley, 2007)


Begley, (2007)

Allen, L. (2004, August). Will Tuvalu disappear beneath the sea? Global warming threatens to swamp a small island nation. Smithsonian, 35(5), 44-52.


Begley, S., & Murr, A. (2007, July 2). Which of these is not causing global warming? A. Sport utility vehicles; B. Rice fields; C. Increased solar output. Newsweek, 150(2), 48-50.

Newspaper Articles (unsigned and signed)

(“College Officials”, 2007)

(Landler, 2007)

College officials agree to cut greenhouse gases. (2007, June 13). Albany Times

Union, p. A4.

Landler, M. (2007, June 2). Bush’s Greenhouse Gas Plan Throws Europe Off Guard. New York Times, p. A7.

Article with DOI

(Washington, 2014)


Washington (2014)

Washington, E. T. (2014). An overview of cyberbully in higher education. Adult Learning, 26(1), 21–27.
Article without DOI

(Moody, 2019)


Moody (2019)

Moody, M. S. (2019). If instructional coaching really works, why isn’t it working? Educational Leadership, 77(3), 30–35.


Journal Article with two authors

(Bogdonoff & Rubin, 2007)


Bogdonoff & Rubin, (2007)

Bogdonoff, S., & Rubin, J. (2007). The regional greenhouse gas initiative: Taking action in Maine. Environment, 49(2), 9-16.
Journal Article with more than one author

(Miller-Rushing, Primack, Primack, & Mukunda, 2006)


Miller-Rushing, Primack, Primack, & Mukunda, (2006)

Miller-Rushing, A. J., Primack, R. B., Primack, D., & Mukunda, S. (2006). Photographs and herbarium specimens as tools to document phonological changes in response to global warming. American Journal of Botany, 93, 1667-1674.

Journal Article from a Library Subscription Service Database with a DOI



(Mora & Maya, 2006)


Mora & Maya, (2006)

Mora, C., & Maya, M. F. (2006). Effect of the rate of temperature increase of the Dynamic method on the heat tolerance of fishes. Journal of Thermal Biology, 31, 337-341. doi:



(United States Environmental, 2007),


United States Environmental, (2007)


(Gelspan, 2007)


Gelspan, (2007)

United States Environmental Protection Agency. (2007, May 4). Climate Change. Retrieved From the Environmental Protection Agency website:



Gelspan, R. (2007). The Heat Is Online. Lake Oswego, OR: Green House Network. Retrieved from The Heat Is Online website:

Webpage, no date,

(Athletics New Zealand, n.d.)


Athletics New Zealand (n.d.)

Athletics New Zealand. (n.d.). Form a new club.
YouTube video or other streaming video

(MSNBC, 2020)


MSNBC (2020)

MSNBC. (2020, January 7). Julián Castro endorses Elizabeth Warren [Video]. YouTube.
Conference paper

(Mason & Missingham, 2019)


Mason & Missingham, (2019)

Mason, I. & Missingham, R. (2019, October 21–25). Research libraries, data curation, and workflows [Paper presentation]. eResearch Australasia Conference, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.