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PJSR Vol. 3, Issue 3 (September), 2021

Sr# Title Author Page# Link
1 Economic Organization of Khusra Community of Pakistan Dr. Fahd Zulfiqar and Dr. Ikram Badshah 1-14
2 Financial Intelligence and Its Barriers in the Investigation Process of Countering the Financing of Terrorism in Pakistan Dr. Ayaz Khan, Dr. Jamil Ahmad, and Dr. Jan Alam 15-22
3 Cultural Tourism in Kaghan Valley: Potential and Problems Dr. Anas Mahmud Arif , Dr. Abdul Hameed, and Syeda Fizza 23-43
4 Cultural Values about Gender Inequalities and their Implications for Women’s Health in Rural Punjab, Pakistan Saira Siddiqui, Nabeela Farah, and Nazia Malik 44-53
5 Conflict of Domestic and Professional Duties among Lady Health Workers Nazia Salah ud Din, Tahira Jabeen, and Yumna Meer 54-61
6 Exploring the Determinants of Extremism in the Universities of Pakistan Muhammad Atif, Dr. Babak Mahmood, and Muhammad Idrees 62-69
7 Lack of Transparency and Freedom of Information in Pakistan: An Analysis of Government’s Functioning and Realistic Policy Options for Reform Dr. Tahira Mumtaz and Dr. Sumbal Tariq 70-76
8 Women Economic Empowerment in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis of Legal Framework Dr. Fozia Naseem, Dr. Farhana Nosheen, and Dr. Nazia Malik 77-88
9 The Perceptions and Practices of Secondary School Teachers for Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Students Samina Ali, Sadruddin Bahadur Qutoshi, and Zahra Jabeen 89-98
10 An Analysis of The Perceptions of Fata Students on Frontier Crimes Regulations: An Empirical Study at Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan Dr. Khalil ur Rahman, Tariq Anwar Khan, and Zia Ullah Khan 99-105
11 Social Vulnerability of Coastal Community Due to Climate Change: An Exploratory Study of Coastal Region of Sindh Tahir Iqbal and Dr Ameer Ali Abro 106-118
12 Relationship between Corporate Governance and Corporate Sustainability Imran Rafiq 119-129
13 Understanding Cybercrime and Youth: A Perception Based Approach Faiz Ullah, Dr. Ahmad Ali, and Zahid Umar 130-136
14 Commercialization Covert Approach and Tourism Dr. Junaid Bashir, Dr. Anas Mahmud Arif and Owais Khan 137-140
15 Locus of Control, Delay of Gratification and Adherence to Treatment in People with Diabetes Ms. Musfirah Nasr Chaudhry and Dr. Omama Tariq 141-151
16 Development and Validation of the Psychosocial Issues of Hysterectomy Cancer Patient Scale Tanzila Tanzeem and Dr. Zahid Mahmood 152-161
17 Fiscal Policy in Pakistan: The Politics of Distribution in a Changing Landscape Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, Dr. Ayza Shoukat, and Muhammad Gulzaib Chaudhary 162-169
18 Development of Mental Health Scale for Truck Drivers: A Psychometric Approach Syed Muhammad Imran Haider Zaidi, Prof. Dr. Zahid Mahmood, Prof. Dr Sadia Saleem 170-174
19 A Threat Assessment of Bioterrorism from Al-Qaida To Islamic State Muhammad Sheraz, Dr. Usman Hameed, & Zarfishan Qaiser 175-183
20 Effect of Post Trauma Stress Disorder on Social Settings of Women: A Study in District Sargodha, Punjab Pakistan Urwah Sheikh, Humera Amin, & Farhana Nosheen 184-193
21 Social Media in Second Language Classroom: A Survey of ESL Students at University Level Dr. Mubarak Lashary, Muntazar Mehdi, and Dr. Yasir Arafat 194-203
22 Episteme and Experiences about Pashtunwali: The Standpoint of Pashtun Women of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Latafat Aziz, Rabia Ali and Asim Muneeb Khan 204-215
23 Aging and Social Engagement: Cultural Influences Sajjad Hussain and Dr. Saif ur Rehman Saif Abbasi 216-224
24 Mental Health Problems in HIV and AIDS Patients Living in Pakistan: A Preliminary Analysis Tahira Hafeez and Prof. Dr. Zahid Mahmood 225-233
25 Parental Involvement in Children’s Schooling: A Case for Role of School Social Work Munazza Sunbal and Dr. Tahira Jabeen 234-244
26 Involvement of Rural Women in Managing on-Farm Sustainable Dairy Practices in District Okara Dr. Rabia Mahmood, Dr. Izhar Ahmed Khan and Dr. Sadaf Mahmood 245-253
27 The Economy and Productivity of Organic Milk Farms Compared to Conventional Farms Managed in the U.S Sarmad Rahat, Dr. Mariam Abbas Soharwardi and Dr. Mahnaz Muhammad Ali 254-270
28 The Impact of Radio Programs on Infrastructure Development in Central Punjab, Pakistan Dr. Anila Saleem, Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi and Maria Saleem 271-283
29 Consolidation of Us National Interests in Asia Through Economic and Military Aid and its Impacts: Case Study of Pakistan, 1947-71 Dr. Safi Ullah Khan Marwat and Dr. Muhammad Abdullah 284-289
30 Indo-Israel Strategic Cooperation: Challenges and Implications on Pakistan Dr. Qudsia Akram, Summaya Shahid and Laila Ahmed 290-300
31 The Impact of Online Learning on Teacher-Student Trust at University Level During Pandemic 2020 Dr. Ammara Nasim Sahi, Tahira Bibi and Irshad Ali 301-312
32 China’s Nuclear Policy: A Realistic Assessment Dr. Muhammad Sadiq 313-320
33 A Sociological Analysis of the Impact of Modern Media on Family Functions in Punjab, Pakistan Ghulam Ghaus, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Maan and Dr. Izhar Ahmad Khan 321-329
34 A Sociological Exploration of Climate Change and Its’ Implication for Agricultural Adaptive Strategies in Punjab Zia Mahmood, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Maan and Dr. Izhar Ahmad Khan 330-339
35 The Impact of Organizational Culture on Job Satisfaction in Universities of Pakistan: A Competing Values Framework Perspective Dr. Qaiser Rashid Janjua, Aamer Hanif and Maliha Baig 340-351
36 A Phenomenological Exploration of Virtual Learners’ Experiences Dr. Raheel Farooqui, Sehrish Qasim Ali and Mehdi Abbas 352-361
37 The Impact of Motivation on Efficacy of Faculty at University Level Maleeha, Dr. Shazia Naureen and Kainat 362-371
38 Development of Functional Cognitive Scale for Children Aged 7-12 Years: A Neglected Domain in Pakistan Ayesha Jabeen and Prof. Dr. Zahid Mehmood 371-378
39 Family Planning in Pakistan: A Site of Confrontation in Islam Muhammad Sadiq, Dr. Yasir Nawaz Manj and Naveed Iftikhar 379-385
40 Water Disputes in South Asia: A Comparative Study of Bangladesh and Pakistan Azhar Mahmood Abbasi, Ayaz and Munawar Ali Mahar 386-391
41 Change Management at Tertiary Level Education: A Comparison of Private and Public Sector Institutions Sehrish Kashan and Dr. Wajeeha Aurangzeb 392-399
42 Genesis of Radicalization: A Case Study of Islamiyat Textbooks in Balochistan, Pakistan Dr. Javed Ali Kalhoro and Dr. Muhammad Zubair 400-409
43 The Discernment of Subalternity in Maps for Lost Lovers by Nadeem Aslam Murad Ahsan and Dr. Maryam Raza 410-417
44 Teaching Beliefs and Practices of Teacher-Educators Teaching in B.Ed. Hons. Elementary at a Public Sector University in Gilgit City Dr. Dil Angaiz, Shazia Kanwal and Salma Jan 418-431
45 How Paternalistic Leadership Enhances Performance? Empirical Analysis of Affective Wellbeing Muhammad Ilyas Khan and Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman 432-445
46 Perceptions of Experienced and Novice Teachers about the Importance of lesson planning for effective learning in Private Elementary Schools of Gilgit City Dr. Dil Angaiz, Zahra Jabeen & Nazia Karim 446-457
47 Patriarchal Family Tendencies and Socio-Economic and Psychological Effects in Pakistan Farrah Ahmad, Dr. Amber Ferdoos and Dr. Farhan Ahmad Faiz 458-467
48 Hindu-Muslim Relations and British Politics: The Emergence of Political Leadership in South Asia Dr. Ghulam Shabbir, Dr. Azmat Ullah and Khizar Jawad 468-475
49 Political Leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah: His Task Management Tactics and Goal Orientation Strategies Dr. Ghulam Shabbir, Khizar Jawad and Dr. Azmat Ullah 476-481
50 The Linkage Between Ethnic Fractionalization and Economic Disparities: An Analysis of Pakistani Civil Service Structure Dr. Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad Siddiqui, Dr. Muhammad Imran Pasha and Ali Qamar Sheikh 482-491
51 Stress Among Lady Health Workers: A Special Review Of Pakistan Muhammad Hashim, Dr. Yasir Nawaz Manj and Muqaddas Tanvir Cheema 492-500
52 Socio-Cultural Factors of Sustainable Drinking Water Management in Rural Punjab, Pakistan Saif Ullah, Dr. Yasir Nawaz Manj, and Dr. Manzoom Akhter 501-512
53 Impact of Optimism & Resilience on Subjective Wellbeing in Ill Individuals During Covid-19 Pandemic Dr. Ahmad Bilal, Saira Aslam, and Sana Masood 513-519
54 Exploring Badal as Zeest-o-Riwaj in Pukhtun Culture: A Case Study of Females of Village Galoch, Swat Rahila and Dr. Rao Nadeem Alam 520-534
55 Free Speech and Human Rights in Pakistan: A Media Law Perspective Dr. Awais H. Gillani, Noman Ishfaq, and Malik Zia ud Din 535-543
56 Private Social Media Companies, Governments and Global Population: Challenges and Prospects for the Implementation of Human Rights Regulations Malik Zia ud Din, Dr. Awais H. Gillani, and Gulala Pirzada 544-556
57 English as an Esteemed Language in Modern Society Dr. Afshan Quyyum 557-564
58 Shah Waliullah as a Macro-sociologist: An Analysis Muhammad Anwar 565-569
59 Domestic And Familial Issues Leading Towards Diabetes Mellitius Type – II in Rawalpindi Fareeha Sarwar, Shagufta Hamid Ali and Dr. Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry 570-581
60 Resident Sentiments and Lived Experiences in Relation to Place Attachment with Battle Sector Mishal Babar Mirza, Dr. Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry and Shagufta Hamid Ali 582-589
61 Nature & Effects of Agglomeration Economies on Manufacturing Firms in Punjab Matee ul Rehman and Dr. Muhammad Tariq Majeed 590-603
62 A Comparative Study to Assess the Level of Depression, Anxiety and Stress Among Fertile and Infertile Couples in Bahawalpur City Aqeel Ahmad Khan, Dr. Saeed Akhtar, and Shafaq Mehmood 604-611
63 The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy for Macroeconomic Stability: A Structural Vector Auto Regression (SVAR) Approach Saad Ali Rubani, Saima Haleem and Saddam Hussain 612-628
64 Examine the impact of marketing, technological innovation, store image, and consumer value on word of mouth in Pakistan retail sector Atif Ali Gill, Babar Ali, and Khadija Rafia Kazmi 629-637
65 Use of Specialized Teaching Methods for Teaching English as Second Language Dr. Shahida Naz, Tahir Rasheed and Shazia Rasheed 638-645
66 Empowering Balochistan's Youth: A Flow in Political Involvement Tariq Hussain Bugti 646-650