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PJSR Vol. 4, Issue 3 (September), 2022

Sr# Title Author Page# Link
1 The Emergence Of Neurocapitalism In The Post Pandemic World Muzamal Tariq 1-9 Download Now
2 Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: A Proportional Examination Of Relevant Legislation, With Comparisons To Two Major Asian Countries: India And Pakistan Dr. Johar Wajahat, Dr. Rafia Naz Ali, and Dr. Mohammad Jan 10-16 Download Now
3 Backlashes to Aurat March in Pakistan: Opinions of Organizers and Opinion Leaders Feroza Batool, and Dr. Ra’ana Malik 17-28 Download Now
4 Bullying in Universities: Effects on Mental Health and Academic Performance of the Students in Punjab, Pakistan Mudasar Ali Nadeem, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Usman 29-37 Download Now
5 Effect of Brain-Based Learning on Students’ Mathematics Performance at Elementary Level Amjad Islam Amjad, Dr. Musarrat Habib, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed 38-51 Download Now
6 The American Dream ‘Ignis Fatuus’ Or A Sure Bet? A Postmodern Dogmatic Interpretation Of American Novels Saima Asim 52-56 Download Now
7 Technology Trends in English Language Teaching at Tertiary Level in Pakistan Syed Muhammd Sajid Siraj, Dr. Muhammad Freed, and Sana Bint-e-Javaid 57-64 Download Now
8 From classrooms to screens: Investigating the perceptions and experiences of prospective teachers about microteaching Muhammad Abid Malik, Hina Amin, & Saleha Ali 65-77 Download Now
9 Sociological explanation and relationship of terrorism and political participation: A qualitative approach Anas Baryal, and Dr. Muhammad Babar Akram 78-88 Download Now
10 Human Trafficking and International Legal Responses: The Case of Combating Human and Women Trafficking Dr. Syed Raza Shah Gilani, Dr. Ilyas Khan, and Dr. Ashraf Ali 89-96 Download Now
11 Politico-Judicial Activism in Pakistan: A Historical Overview Saima Bazmi 97-104 Download Now
12 An Analysis of the Controversy of Malala as Daughter of the Nation in Print Media Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, M. Basharat Hameed, and Zakir Ullah Khan 105-112 Download Now
13 Sub-Threshold Autistic Traits as Predictor of Experiential Avoidance and Mood States Among University Students Rabia Maryam, and Rabia Khawar 113-120 Download Now
14 Impact of New Product Knowledge and Promotional Signage on Consumers’ Impulse Buying Intention and Behaviour:A Mediated Model Kalsoom Yaseen, Dr. Sohail Kamran, and Dr. Fozia Malik 121-131 Download Now
15 Impact of Inflation Rate and Exchange Rate on the Profitability of Financial Institutions: A Panel Data Analysis from Pakistan Rukhsana Rasheed, Mazhar Nadeem Ishaq, and Hafeez-ur-Rehman 132-139 Download Now
16 Assessment of People Criteria in Public Sector: A Tale Documented Through Lens of CAF Dr. Zahra Ishtiaq Paul, and Dr. Muhammad Adnan Sial 140-151 Download Now
17 Ranking of Imran Khan’s Popularity in Pakistan’s Media Dr. Hayam Qayyoum, and Dr. Qurat ul Ain Malik 152-160 Download Now
18 The Structures and Functions of Lexical Bundles in Pakistani Biology Textbooks Mutahar Ghulam, Dr. Saima Akhtar, and Dr. Husnat Ahmed 161-171 Download Now
19 The Mediating Role of Corporate Social Performance between Ownership Structure and Firm Performance Muhammad Siddique, Dr. Abdul Rasheed and Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman 172-185 Download Now
20 Teacher Performance in Large Scale Assessment at School Level Education Saima Abbas, and Dr. Aisha Bibi 186-192 Download Now
21 The Evolution of Leftist Politics in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mohammad Ayaz, and Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam 193-203 Download Now
22 Consumer Attitude in Pakistan: Impact of Instagram Influencers on Purchase Intentions Ayesha Asfar, Dr. Ayesha Qamar, and Sadaf Irtaza 204-214 Download Now
23 Relationship between Teachers’ Professional Development and their Teaching Performance at Secondary School Level Ayesha Kiran, Fareeha Arshad, and Shafaq Rizwan 215-227 Download Now
24 Psychosocial Correlates of Profile Pictures Editing and Perceived Self-Image, Body Satisfaction among Social Media Consumers Dr. Sajida Awais, Dr. Shazia Ismail Toor, Fatima Raza 228-235 Download Now
25 Asymmetric Relationship between Government Spending and Terms of Trade Volatility: An Empirical Analysis Hajra Ihsan, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid, and Komal Shehzadi 236-255 Download Now
26 Planning and Implementation Issue of Educational Policies: Domestic Breaches Mamonah Ambreen 256-266 Download Now
27 Self-Esteem and Quality of Life among Students With and without Physical Disability Humaira Murtaza, Dr. Noreena Kausar, and Maria Mazhar 267-273 Download Now
28 Urdu Translation and Validation of Emotion Regulation Questionnaire in Pakistani Adolescents Sadia Bano Abbasi, and Dr. Syeda Farhana Kazmi 274-285 Download Now
29 Evaluation of Simulation Exercise and Drills in Response to Covid-19 in Pakistan Fahmeeda Idrees, Dr. Adeela Rehman, and Dr. Saeed Ahmad 286-290 Download Now
30 Framing Of Pakistani Media Regarding Afghan Taliban: Before and After Their Takeover Dr. Zaeem Yasin, Farah Saleem Qureshi, and Menahil Farrukh 291-298 Download Now
31 Role of Micro Financing Institutions for the Improvement of Standard of Living Saiqa Anwaar, Dr. Amjad Ali, and Shoaib Saleem 299-310 Download Now
32 Fiscal Effectiveness and Economic Growth in Pakistan Muhammad Suleman, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Niamatullah Babar 311-325 Download Now
33 Factors Determining the Preference of Parents Regarding Admission of their Children in Private Schools: A Case of District Vehari Dr. Mahnaz Muhammad Ali, Ayesha Umar, and Ahmad Khan 326-334 Download Now
34 The Non-Aligned Movement and Pakistan in Historical Perspective Prof. Dr. Zahid Anwar, Sajad Rasool and Muhammad Ilyas Khan 335-340 Download Now
35 Emotional Distress and Wellbeing in Caregivers of Children with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate: Mediating Role of Social Isolation Sameera Shafiq, and Muhammad Anwar-ul-Mustafa 341-346 Download Now
36 Image Schema of Death in Donne’s Poetry: A Cognitive Perspective Synonymous with Monotheistic Notion of Resurrection Afsheen Hassan, Dr. Husnat Ahmed and Sumaira Saleem 347-356 Download Now
37 Boon or a Bane: A Qualitative Study to Explore the Cryptocurrency affect the Traditional Financial System in a Developing Economy Atif Ali Gill, Babar Ali, and Khadija Rafia Kazmi 357-364 Download Now
38 Strategies of USA-Pakistan Relations in the Post 9/11 Period: Hurdles and Prospects Dr. Muhammad Imran, and Muhammad Arif Saeed 365-371 Download Now
39 Understanding Gendered Power Relations Through Transect Walk and Spatial Mapping Dr. Nashia Ajaz, and Warda Zakir 372-379 Download Now
40 From Dhimmah to Dhimmitude: A Theoretical Analysis of the Interpretations and Models of the Inclusion of Non-Muslims Under an Islamic State Dr. Munazza Batool 380-385 Download Now
41 Popular Children’s TV Programs in Pakistan Dr. Huma Khan, Dr. Majid Ul Ghafar, and Ayesha Sajid Durrani 386-396 Download Now
42 Mediated Perfect Body Images and Women: Understanding Role of Social Media in Creating Pressures on Young Women Facing Height, Weight and Complexion Stigma Dr. Sumera Batool, Naveed Iqbal, and Bisma Arshad 397-403 Download Now
43 Role of Economic Disparity in Female Victimization in Naguib Mahfouz’s Novel ‘The Beginning and the End’ Tanveer Hussain, Mehreen Zafar, and Fatima Khan 404-410 Download Now
44 Coverage of Pakistani Print Media about Transparency of Justice: A case of Pakistani Justice System Regarding Corruption Dr. Aamir Mehmood Bajwa, Madiha Maqsood, and Ayesha Iqbal 411-422 Download Now
45 Teachers’ Perceptions Towards Translanguaging Strategy in Esl Classroom Settings of Pakistani Private Universities Zehra Batool, Kiran Shahzadi, and Sara Malik 423-432 Download Now
46 Socio-Cultural Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Survivors: A Case Study of Punjab, Pakistan Azka Murtaza, and Dr. Yasir Nawaz Manj 433-445 Download Now
47 The Best Evidence Principle: Meaning, Development, Consequences and its Application in Pakistan Dr. Nasir Majeed, and Dr. Amjad Hilal 446-455 Download Now
48 The War in Bosnia-Hercegovina (1992-1995) and its Causes Gulnaz Shahzadi, and Prof. Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi 456-463 Download Now
49 Impact of Reality TV Shows on University Student’s Performance Zikra Faiz, Dr. Asmaa Azeem, and Dr. Ibtasam Thakur 464-470 Download Now
50 Testing the Validity of Philips Curve for Selected Asian Countries Dr. Gulzar Ali, Huma Ayaz, and Said Zamin Shah 471-480 Download Now
51 Psychological Abuse & Neglect in Pakistan: Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis in Adolescents Uzma Ashiq, Dr. Sara Subhan, and Dr. Sayyeda Taskeen Zahra 481-488 Download Now
52 Human Rights and Human Wrongs: Critiquing Human Activities to Prevent the Climate Change Rabia Javed, and Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz 489-501 Download Now
53 Perceptions of Wedding Trends and Rituals: A Gender Based Comparative Study Aziz Fatima, Dr. Uzma Ashiq Khan, and Maryam Zafar 502-512 Download Now
54 A Comparative Analysis of the Translation Between the Students of English Literature and Linguistics: An Explanatory Research Afshan Quyyum, and Tooba Ahmed 513-522 Download Now
55 Gender Differences in Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors among Children and Adolescents with Congenital Heart Disease Asma Riaz Hamdani, Prof. Dr. Rabia Khawar, and Dr. Abdul Razzaq Mughal 523-529 Download Now
56 Translation and Validation of Gender Minority Stress & Resilience Scale Arooj Fatima, and Dr. Humaira Jami 530-540 Download Now
57 Role of Higher Education Systems on Higher Earning Professions in Urban Spaces of Lahore Pakistan Hina Maqbool, and Professor Dr. Rubeena Zakir 541-552 Download Now
58 Writings of Syed Ahmed Khan and Impact on Muslim Nationalism Samia Jamshed, and Sara Rauf 553-560 Download Now
59 Exploring the Role of Teacher-Student Interaction in English Language Teaching Classroom Mehwish Ajmal, Amna Komal, and Ambreen Kauser 561-569 Download Now
60 Self-Representation through Online Identities: A CDA of Official Websites of Pakistani Universities Hina Yousaf, Dr. Maria B. Shahid, and Sajjad Yousaf 570-588 Download Now
61 Judicial Activism at the Cost of Separation of Power in Pakistan: A Comparison of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and Justice Saqib Nisar’s Era Farah Amir, Aas Muhammad, Junaid Jan 589-598 Download Now
62 Role of Posttraumatic Growth Between Treatment Adherence and Death Anxiety in Individuals with Myocardial Infarction Abid Ali, and Dr. Khalid Mahmood 599-606 Download Now
63 Gauging the Efficiency of Public Transport in Karachi: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Maham Fatima, Muhammad Imran Khan, and Dr. Syed Kamran Abbas Naqvi 607-616 Download Now
64 Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Financial Performance: Mediating Role of Quality of Work Life Dr. Muhammad Ali, Rabia Ishfaq, Dr. Wasif Ali 617-631 Download Now
65 Economics Policies Analysis & Financial Decisions Making by Emerging Markets During Uncertainties; An Asian Perspective Dr. Malik Muhammad Faisal, Dr. Manzoom Akhtar, and Kashif Mehmood 632-641 Download Now
66 Motivations Behind Binge-Watching among Youth and the Gratifications Achieved Muhammad Ahsan Bhatti, Rania Khalid, and Aqsa Khalid 642-651 Download Now
67 Pakistan and the Conflicts of the Muslim World: A Case Study of OIC Dr. Zikriya, Muhammad Israr Khan and Bilal Ahmad 652-658 Download Now
68 How Classroom Enjoyment Influence EFL Students’ Academic Motivation Wajid Mahnaz, Umair Mehmood and Muhammad Umar 659-665 Download Now
69 Impacts of Depressive Symptoms on Life Satisfaction among Elderly Women of Bahawalpur Pakistan Javeria Saleem, Raheela Begum, and Prof. Dr. Masood Nadeem 666-674 Download Now
70 Relationship Between Financial Inclusion, Trade, and Economic Growth Syeda Zuimah Wasim, Dr. Khurram Iftikhar, and Dr. Syed Zia Abbas Rizvi 675-684 Download Now
71 Influence of L1 while Learning Subject-Verb Agreement of English as a Foreign Language Farooq Ahmed, Saba Iram, Saba Chaman 685-691 Download Now
72 Freedom of Expression and Social Responsibility in Pakistan: TV News Journalists’ Perspective on Socio-Political Issues Naveed Iqbal, and Prof. Dr. Abdul Wajid Khan 692-700 Download Now
73 Preliminary Psychometric Properties of Relational Betrayal Trauma Scale Fozia Akram, and Dr. Rabia Iftikhar 701-708 Download Now
74 Opportunity Cost of Household Work: Gender Perspective for Pakistan Humera Sultana, and Hamna Nasir 709-725 Download Now
75 Impurity and Marriages: A Reader Response Study of An American Marriage Sobia Rana, Faiza Latif, and Ayaz Ahmad Aryan 726-736 Download Now
76 Women and Climate Change Faseeha Saif, and Dr. Ahmed Raza 737-743 Download Now
77 Critical Thinking Skills in Pakistan Studies Textbook: Qualitative Content Analysis Hamna Naseer, Yaar Muhammad, and Muhammad Jamil 744-755 Download Now
78 Effect of Cooperative Learning on Cognitive Engagement of Secondary School Students Riffat Ahmad, Dr. Muhammad Answer, and Shumaila Rasheed 756-762 Download Now
79 Building Up Female Science Students’ Social Provision: Exploring Science Teachers’ Perspectives of the Impact of Co-Curricular Activities on Female Science Students’ Social Development After the COVID 19 Dr. Nasrin Akhter 763-770 Download Now
80 The Dearth of National Heroes in Pakistan’s Primary Curriculum: From the Previously Prescribed Curriculum to the Newly Implemented Single National Curriculum Gouhar Pirzada, Afira Aslam, and Faran Ahmed 771-779 Download Now
81 Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Academic Performance: A Gendered Perspective Fouzia Perveen, Sobia Altaf, and Hina Tehreem 780-785 Download Now
82 Exploring the Use of Grammatical Metaphor in Pakistani ESL Learners’ Academic Writing: A Focus on Nominalization Shazia Bukhari, Dr. Shahid Nawaz, and Dr. Muhammad Hammad Hussain Shah 786-796 Download Now
83 Impact of Information Technology on Knowledge Sharing among Faculty Members of Public Sectors Higher Education Institutions of Sindh, Pakistan Liaquat Ali Rahoo, Prof. Dr. Siraj-ul-Haq Kandhroo, and Dr. Muhammad Memon 797-803 Download Now
84 Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings for Conservation, Restoration and Tourism Promotion: A Case Study of the Sethi Haveli Complexes in Peshawar Shahana Mehmood, and Dr. Zakirullah Jan 804-814 Download Now
85 The Conduct of Warfare in Islamic Law and International Law: A Comparative Study Dr. Sami Ur Rahman, Dr. Syed Sikandar Shah Mohmand, and Uneeza Sibtain 815-820 Download Now
86 Portrayal Of Female in Pakistani Tv Daramas: A Case Study of Hazara University Dr. Majid-Ul-Ghafar, Noor Nabi Khan, and Anwar Khan 821-830 Download Now
87 Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Light of Arbitration Laws Dr. Samza Fatima 831-838 Download Now
88 Developing Empathy as a Core Competency and Life Skill in Children Amna Murad, Dr. Saira Khan, and Sidra Zahid 839-845 Download Now
89 Human Rights Law: Transnational Judicial Dialogues on Constitutional Rights and Violation Prevention Rashida Abbas, Chand Ashraf, and Kaniz Fatima 846-856 Download Now
90 Construction and Validation of Leadership Archetypes Scale for Business Leadership Samina Riaz, Prof. Dr. Sarah Shahed 857-864 Download Now
91 Role of Social Media Applications to Learn and Improve English Language: A Study at University Level in South Punjab, Pakistan Dr. Abdul Khaliq, Ayesha Kanwal, and Amir Jamil 865-871 Download Now
92 Nexus Between Foreign Remittances and Poverty Reduction: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan Kashif Manzoor, Prof. Dr. Safana Shaheen, and Dr. Muhammad Waqas 872-880 Download Now
93 Sexual Acts and Escalation: An Analysis of the Factors Leading to Sex Crimes Tabinda Rani, Shoukat Hayat, and Dr. Nadia Noreen 881-888 Download Now
94 Effect of Mind Mapping Approaches in Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes at Elementary Level Naveed Ahmed, Dr. Hina Hadayat Ali, and Dr. Muhammad Javed Aftab 889-900 Download Now
95 Apprehending the Meaning and Application of Res Gestae in Common Law Countries and Pakistan Dr. Nasir Majeed, Dr. Amjad Hilal, and Raja Muhammad Usman Rashed 901-909 Download Now
96 Teachers’ Professionalism: Exploring the Public-School Teachers’ Professionalism Sofia Khakwani, Dr. Shaista Khalid, and Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad 910-915 Download Now
97 Teachers’ Opinions Regarding How Parents-Teachers’ Meeting Affect Students’ Academic Performance: A Comparative Analysis at Elementary Level Dr. Fahd Naveed Kausar, Qurat-Ul-Ain Khan, and Iqra Nasir 916-923 Download Now
98 Assessment of Health-Related Risks among Adolescents Living in Shelter Homes of Islamabad Imrana Rubab, Khizar Nabeel Ali, and Masroor Ahmad 924-932 Download Now
99 Music and Trans Culturalism: Analyzing the Role of Coke Studio Music in Pakistan Dr. Sobia Abid, Dr. Muhammad Zahid Bilal, and Aleena Begum 933-943 Download Now
100 Role of Social Media in Improving Speaking and Writing Skills Of ESL Learners at Secondary School Level Samia Mushtaq, Dr. Shahida Naz, and Tahir Rasheed 944-954 Download Now
101 A Literary Stylistic Analysis of Figurative Language Style: In the Short Story “the Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen Muhammad Faheem, Dr. Tariq Mahmood, and Syed Sajjad Ali 955-962 Download Now