PJSR Vol. 4, Issue 4 (December), 2022


Sr# Title Author Page# Link
1 Role of New Media in Promotion of Tourism: An Analysis of Faisalabad’s Youth Perception Dr. Aemen Khalid, Dr. Shazia Ismail Toor, and Dr. Kiran Karamat 1-9 Download Now
2 Anarcho-Primitivism in D.H. Lawrence’s Post War Fiction: An Eco-Critical Analysis Abdul Shakoor, and Dr. Mustanir Ahmad 10-17 Download Now
3 Am I a Good Mother? An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Mothering Lamae Zulfiqar, and Dr. Sara Subhan 18-26 Download Now
4 Regulating Emotions to Mend the Rule-Breaking Behavior: An Intervention Study Madeha Naz, and Dr. Sara Subhan 27-31 Download Now
5 Dominant Practices and Guide for Creating Effective Survey Scales in Social Sciences Dr. Faryal Razzaq 32-37 Download Now
6 A Corpus-Based Analysis Of The Speech Act Of Complaint By Urdu Speakers Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, Dr. Samina Rana and Dr. Abrar Ajmal 38-54 Download Now
7 Impact of Technostress on Vocational Education Students During Online Learning in Pakistan Gouhar Pirzada, Fareeha Farooq, and Dr. Aisha Mahmood 55-64 Download Now
8 Perceived Proximate and Underlying Divorce Causes in Hazara Division, Pakistan Kanwal Rubab, and Dr. Arif Alam 65-78 Download Now
9 Hearsay Evidence: Meaning, Kinds, and Exceptions in Common Law and Pakistani Law of Evidence Dr. Nasir Majeed, and Dr. Amjad Hilal 79-87 Download Now
10 Work-family enrichment and subjective career success: A comparative study of men and women Mehreen Altaf, Dr. Musarrat Habib, and Dr. Gulshan Fatima Alvi 88-100 Download Now
11 Impact of Test Preparation on Candidates’ IELTS Reading Test Scores Dr. Saima Hassan 101-105 Download Now
12 Effectiveness of Leadership Styles and School Culture at the Secondary School Level in Pakistan Sajida Hussain, and Dr. Sikandar Hayat 106-115 Download Now
13 Reflections on Leadership Capacities of Head Teachers: Elementary Teachers’ Diverse Perspectives in The Context of ELCC Standards Dr. Hakim Ali, Dr. Bashir Hussain, and Dr. Asia Zulfqar 116-129 Download Now
14 Literary Theories and the Common Grounds of Phenomenology: A Critique with a Special Focus on Marxism Mumtaz Hussain, Marina Khan, and Dr. Muhammad Faisal Rehman 130-134 Download Now
15 Effects of TV Morning Shows on the Domestic Women: (A Case Study of Bahawalpur) Syed Yousaf Raza, Dr. Rao Shahid, and M. Basharat Hameed 135-142 Download Now
16 New Media and Identity Crises: A Challenge of Cultural Homogenization Dr. Amna Zulfiqar, and Faiza Khalid 143-147 Download Now
17 Major Electoral Systems in the World: A Critical Evaluation Khubaib Azam, Irfan Kausar, and Waseem Abbas 148-163 Download Now
18 Factors Affecting Family Planning Services’ Utilization Among Beneficiaries of Lady Health Workers Dr. Nazia Salah ud Din, and Dr. Tahira Jabeen 164-171 Download Now
19 Prevalence of Depression Anxiety and Stress Among Orphan Young Adults Living in Bahawalpur: Gender and Socio-Economic Status are in Focus Abida Perveen, Sadia Iqbal, and Arif Nadeem 172-178 Download Now
20 Consumer Clothing Disposal Behavior: Characteristics and Environmental Concerns Ayesha Saeed, Komal Hassan, and Shama Sadaf 179-189 Download Now
21 Personality Traits and Stress Among Four Forces of Punjab Police Nafja Fatima, Prof. Dr. Syeda Salma Hasan 190-199 Download Now
22 Opening the Black Box of Work Life Balance Theories: A Critical Review of Literature Tayyaba Kiran, and Dr. Noshaba Batool 200-208 Download Now
23 Unveiling Cultural Differentialism in Pakistani English Fiction: A Sociolinguistic Study of Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy Man Gulzar Ali, Dr. Muhammad Haseeb Nasir, and Dr. Azhar Habib 209-215 Download Now
24 The Perils of Married Life: Depression, Dyadic Adjustment and Psychological Wellbeing among Married Couples in Pakistan: The Mediating Role of Sleep Disturbances Mahnoor Khan, Syed Messum Ali Kazmi, and Dr. Afsheen Gul 216-225 Download Now
25 Impact of Brand Experience, Self Brand Connection on Brand Loyalty: Mediating Effect of Mobile App Engagement Somiya Akhtar, Dr. Malik Muhammad Faisal, and Dr. Manzoom Akhtar 226-235 Download Now
26 Ensuring Students’ Academic Achievements: A Case Study Examining Headteachers’ Leadership Styles Fareeha Farooq, Dr. Aisha Mehmood, and Javed Iqbal 236-246 Download Now
27 Students’ Perceptions of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Through Art & Design Themed Projects: A Qualitative Inquiry Gouhar Pirzada, Muhammad Abdullah Mahmood, and Sajida Saif 247-257 Download Now
28 Cultural Values about Gender Equity and Its Implications on Rural Women’s Health in Punjab Saira Siddiqui, Nabeela Farah, and Anam Afzal 258-263 Download Now
29 Gor Khatri Peshawar- Retrospect of the Archeological Remains to Rebuild Ayesha Mehmood Malik, Dr. Memoona Rashid, and Farah Jamil 264-285 Download Now
30 Flipped Classroom Learning a Modern Strategy: An Insight Dr Norina Jabeen, Dr Huma Afaque, and Tanazza Sakha 286-291 Download Now
31 Impact of Dividend Policy on Shareholder Wealth: A Case of Top Performing Companies of PSX Ayesha Iqbal, Muhammad Furquan, and Nida Ather 292-301 Download Now
32 Instrumental Rationality and Social Structure with Reference to Female Subjugation in Manto’s Short Stories: A Habermasian Lens Ummi Farwa, Dr. Tabassum Maqbool, and Saira Akhter 302-312 Download Now
33 Gratitude Mediates the Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Happiness Among Medical Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis Huma Batool, Iram Batool, and Iram Sohail Quraishi 313-320 Download Now
34 Urdu Translation and Validation of Psychological Flexibility Questionnaire Summia Waheed, Dr. Sobia Masood, and Dr. Shawana Fazal 321-327 Download Now
35 Investor Sentiments and Stock Returns in Emerging Market: Evidence from Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Syed Asim Shah, Aijaz Mustafa Hashmi, and Hassan Raza 328-340 Download Now
36 Unbecoming Subject, Becoming Muslim Woman in Shelina Zahra Janmohamed’s Love in a Headscarf: Muslim Woman Seeks the One Saiqa Siddiq Khan, and Dr. Saiyma Aslam 341-345 Download Now
37 Code Mixing as Postcolonial Marker: A Corpus Based Analysis of Pakistani English Postcolonial Novels Fawad Khan, Aqlimia Farhad, and Asma Amanat 346-356 Download Now
38 An Exploration of Discourse Styles in Pakistani English Fictions Fatima Ijaz, Fazal Rabi, and Uzma 357-365 Download Now
39 Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) and Associated Psychosocial Difficulties in Emerging Adolescents: An Exploratory Study Semra Salik, Dr. Mehmood Sadiq, and Dr. Uzma Masroor 366-374 Download Now
40 Self-Regulation, Personality Impulsiveness and Impulsive Buying in Young Adults Sidra Zahid, Dr. Saira Khan and Amna Murad 375-382 Download Now
41 Exploring the Relationship Between Academic Procrastination, Academic Stress and Academic Performance of Students Studying in BS (Hons.) Final Semester at a Public University in Gilgit-City Farzeel Goher, Dr. Dil Angaiz, and Muqadissa Batool 383-392 Download Now
42 Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Pharma-Covigilance Prescribers at Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad, Pakistan Muhammad Bakhsh Lolai, Muhammad Ali Khan, and Faisal Imran Shaikh 393-401 Download Now
43 Relation Between Burnout and Aggression in Amateur Athletes’ Performances Among Male and Female University Students Prof. Dr. Farah Iqbal, and Sheeraz Ilyas Shaikh 402-408 Download Now
44 Chah Miran Lahore: Land of Hazrat Miran Hussain Zanjani Ar. Mazhar Munir, and Ar. Asia Jabeen 409-419 Download Now
45 EKC Analysis for Various Air Contaminants in Pakistan Ehsanullah 420-435 Download Now
46 Representation of Kashmiri Incident in Indian and Pakistani Newspapers: A Discourse Analysis of Burhan Wani’s Case Zaffar Manzoor, Ayesha Alam, and Abdul Waheed 436-444 Download Now
47 The Influence of Family and Kinship-Based Practices on Social Interventions: An Analysis of Baradari System in Pakistan Mir Sadaat Baloch 445-451 Download Now
48 From Abeyance to a ‘Strong’ Soft Power: The Progression of India’s Cultural Subtlety Dr. Samia Majeed Hashmi, and Alina Zaid 452-457 Download Now
49 A Critique on the Construction of Environmental Rights as a Human Right in Pakistan: A New Dimension in the 21st Century Dr. Ayesha Jawad, Sana Akhter, and Aqsa Hamid 458-467 Download Now
50 Evolution of Federalism in Pakistan: A Constitutional Study Ch. Shahzad Munawar, and Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq 468-479 Download Now
51 Motives for and Barriers to Consumers’ Behavior Towards Adoptability of Solar Energy: A Case Study of District Peshawar Aqil Khan, and Dr. Naila Nazir 480-493 Download Now
52 Knowledge Spillover and Total Factor Productivity Across Countries: Role of Financial Development Naveed Ali, and Prof. Dr. Zilakat Khan Malik 494-501 Download Now
53 Role of Assistive Devices in the Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children in Southern Punjab Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Dr. Hina Hadayat Ali, and Dr. Muhammad Javed Aftab 502-514 Download Now
54 Factors Affecting Quality of English Language Instructions in Pakistan: A Study at University Level in Southern Punjab Ayesha Kanwal, Dr. Abdul Khaliq, and Amir Jamil 502-514 Download Now
55 Problem of Learning Contents Through English at BS Level: A Case Study of Cholistan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Bahawalpur Muhammad Raeed, Dr. Abdul Khaliq, and Ayesha Kanwal 523-531 Download Now
56 Teachers’ Views and Opinions About the Strategies to Mitigate the Malpractices in Secondary School Certificate Examinations System in Boards of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khushal Khan 532-540 Download Now
57 Impact Of Modernization and Technological Advancement on Changing Employment Patterns in Potohar Dr. Shakeela Ibrahim, Dr. Ayesha Adnan, and Samira Azmat 541-548 Download Now
58 The Colonized East-Africa: A Postcolonial Analysis of Abdulrazak Gurnah’s Afterlives in Light of Frantz Fanon Dr. Hina Naz, Tania Shabir Shaikh, and Muhammad Arfan Lodhi 549-556 Download Now
59 Adverse Childhood Experiences as Predictor of Depression and Suicidal Behavior in Women Asma Gul, and Prof. Dr. Naheed Atta 557-564 Download Now
60 An Analysis of Reading Habits of Students Muhammad Ramzan, Dr. Fouzia Perveen, and Sobia Altaf 565-576 Download Now
61 When Alternatives Exist! Probing Teleological use of English Words in Urdu Editorials Seemab Far Bukhari, Sehreen Far Bokhari, and Wafa Naz 577-584 Download Now
62 An Analysis of Political Elite’s Rhetoric During Election Campaign In Pakistan Bushra Bibi, Dr. Khalil ur Rahman, and Asifa Irum 585-594 Download Now
63 Impact of Ownership Structure and Dividend on Firm Performance: Evidence from KSE-100 Index Fareeha Waseem, Amna Numan Butt, and Dr. Syeda Fizza Abbas 595-608 Download Now
64 Relationship Between Corporate Sustainability and Return on Invested Capital of Pakistani Firms Dr. Syeda Fizza Abbas, Tooba Lutfullah, and Fareeha Waseem 609-618 Download Now
65 Conceptual Analysis of Pashto Love Metaphor Dr. Fazli Subhan, and Dr. Shuja Ahmad 619-628 Download Now
66 The Positive and Negative Impact of Social-Media on Public Perceptions and Willingness to Vaccinate Against COVID-19 Sanan Waheed Khan, Dr. Deeba Shahwar, and Dr. Malik Adnan 629-636 Download Now
67 A Warm Relationship with Mother in Childhood and Psychological Well-Being in Young Adulthood: A Relational Analysis Dr. Farhan Kamrani 637-640 Download Now
68 Quality of Life Among Patients at Various Stages of CKD Maria Fatima, and Prof. Dr. Syeda Salma Hasan 641-648 Download Now
69 Perception Regarding Self-Reflection on Facebook by Young Females of Lahore Dr. Zaeem Yasin, Dr. Sumera Batool, and Naveed Iqbal 649-657 Download Now
70 Repression and Violence: A Studyof Shehnaz Bashir’s The Half Mother (2014) Under Repressive State Apparatus Theory Arifa Abid, Dr. Mujahid Shah, and Dr. Muhammad Faisal Rehman 658-663 Download Now
71 Dynamics of Herding Behaviour During Extreme Market Movements in China and Pakistan Kamran Ahmed, Dr. Khuram Shafi, and Dr. Samina Nawab 664-682 Download Now
72 Sociodemographic Variables as Predictors of Dietary Patterns Among Young Adults Sumaira Malik, and Prof. Dr. Syeda Salma Hasan 683-691 Download Now
73 Effect of Mastery Learning Approaches in Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes at Elementary Level Dr. Muhammad Javed Aftab, Saira Tasleem, and Dr. Hina Hadayat Ali 692-700 Download Now
74 The Rwandan Genocide (1994): A New Perspective on Its Causes and on the Indifference of the International Actors and Institutions Towards the Genocide Dr. Syed Raza Shah Gilani, Zahid Ullah, and Kiramat Ullah 701-707 Download Now
75 Understanding Social and Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Nokhaiz Tehzeeb, Dr. Ahmad Raza, and Noor ul Zahra Raza 708-716 Download Now
76 Social Media Consumption as a Predictor of Narcissism and Exhibitionism Dr. Nadia Saleem, Kausar Parveen, and Sidra Charles 717-723 Download Now
77 Men’s Engagement with Feminist Movement: Aurat March and Gender Justice in Pakistan Saad Ali Khan 724-733 Download Now