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PJSR Vol. 4, Issue 4 (December), 2022


Sr# Title Author Page# Link
1 Role of New Media in Promotion of Tourism: An Analysis of Faisalabad’s Youth Perception Dr. Aemen Khalid, Dr. Shazia Ismail Toor, and Dr. Kiran Karamat 1-9
2 Anarcho-Primitivism in D.H. Lawrence’s Post War Fiction: An Eco-Critical Analysis Abdul Shakoor, and Dr. Mustanir Ahmad 10-17
3 Am I a Good Mother? An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Mothering Lamae Zulfiqar, and Dr. Sara Subhan 18-26
4 Regulating Emotions to Mend the Rule-Breaking Behavior: An Intervention Study Madeha Naz, and Dr. Sara Subhan 27-31
5 Dominant Practices and Guide for Creating Effective Survey Scales in Social Sciences Dr. Faryal Razzaq 32-37
6 A Corpus-Based Analysis Of The Speech Act Of Complaint By Urdu Speakers Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, Dr. Samina Rana and Dr. Abrar Ajmal 38-54
7 Impact of Technostress on Vocational Education Students During Online Learning in Pakistan Gouhar Pirzada, Fareeha Farooq, and Dr. Aisha Mahmood 55-64
8 Perceived Proximate and Underlying Divorce Causes in Hazara Division, Pakistan Kanwal Rubab, and Dr. Arif Alam 65-78
9 Hearsay Evidence: Meaning, Kinds, and Exceptions in Common Law and Pakistani Law of Evidence Dr. Nasir Majeed, and Dr. Amjad Hilal 79-87
10 Work-family enrichment and subjective career success: A comparative study of men and women Mehreen Altaf, Dr. Musarrat Habib, and Dr. Gulshan Fatima Alvi 88-100
11 Impact of Test Preparation on Candidates’ IELTS Reading Test Scores Dr. Saima Hassan 101-105
12 Effectiveness of Leadership Styles and School Culture at the Secondary School Level in Pakistan Sajida Hussain, and Dr. Sikandar Hayat 106-115
13 Reflections on Leadership Capacities of Head Teachers: Elementary Teachers’ Diverse Perspectives in The Context of ELCC Standards Dr. Hakim Ali, Dr. Bashir Hussain, and Dr. Asia Zulfqar 116-129
14 Literary Theories and the Common Grounds of Phenomenology: A Critique with a Special Focus on Marxism Mumtaz Hussain, Marina Khan, and Dr. Muhammad Faisal Rehman 130-134
15 Effects of TV Morning Shows on the Domestic Women: (A Case Study of Bahawalpur) Syed Yousaf Raza, Dr. Rao Shahid, and M. Basharat Hameed 135-142
16 New Media and Identity Crises: A Challenge of Cultural Homogenization Dr. Amna Zulfiqar, and Faiza Khalid 143-147
17 Major Electoral Systems in the World: A Critical Evaluation Khubaib Azam, Irfan Kausar, and Waseem Abbas 148-163
18 Factors Affecting Family Planning Services’ Utilization Among Beneficiaries of Lady Health Workers Dr. Nazia Salah ud Din, and Dr. Tahira Jabeen 164-171
19 Prevalence of Depression Anxiety and Stress Among Orphan Young Adults Living in Bahawalpur: Gender and Socio-Economic Status are in Focus Abida Perveen, Sadia Iqbal, and Arif Nadeem 172-178
20 Consumer Clothing Disposal Behavior: Characteristics and Environmental Concerns Ayesha Saeed, Komal Hassan, and Shama Sadaf 179-189
21 Personality Traits and Stress Among Four Forces of Punjab Police Nafja Fatima, Prof. Dr. Syeda Salma Hasan 190-199
22 Opening the Black Box of Work Life Balance Theories: A Critical Review of Literature Tayyaba Kiran, and Dr. Noshaba Batool 200-208
23 Unveiling Cultural Differentialism in Pakistani English Fiction: A Sociolinguistic Study of Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy Man Gulzar Ali, Dr. Muhammad Haseeb Nasir, and Dr. Azhar Habib 209-215
24 The Perils of Married Life: Depression, Dyadic Adjustment and Psychological Wellbeing among Married Couples in Pakistan: The Mediating Role of Sleep Disturbances Mahnoor Khan, Syed Messum Ali Kazmi, and Dr. Afsheen Gul 216-225
25 Impact of Brand Experience, Self Brand Connection on Brand Loyalty: Mediating Effect of Mobile App Engagement Somiya Akhtar, Dr. Malik Muhammad Faisal, and Dr. Manzoom Akhtar 226-235
26 Ensuring Students’ Academic Achievements: A Case Study Examining Headteachers’ Leadership Styles Fareeha Farooq, Dr. Aisha Mehmood, and Javed Iqbal 236-246
27 Students’ Perceptions of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Through Art & Design Themed Projects: A Qualitative Inquiry Gouhar Pirzada, Muhammad Abdullah Mahmood, and Sajida Saif 247-257
28 Cultural Values about Gender Equity and Its Implications on Rural Women’s Health in Punjab Saira Siddiqui, Nabeela Farah, and Anam Afzal 258-263
29 Gor Khatri Peshawar- Retrospect of the Archeological Remains to Rebuild Ayesha Mehmood Malik, Dr. Memoona Rashid, and Farah Jamil 264-285
30 Flipped Classroom Learning a Modern Strategy: An Insight Dr Norina Jabeen, Dr Huma Afaque, and Tanazza Sakha 286-291
31 Impact of Dividend Policy on Shareholder Wealth: A Case of Top Performing Companies of PSX Ayesha Iqbal, Muhammad Furquan, and Nida Ather 292-301
32 Instrumental Rationality and Social Structure with Reference to Female Subjugation in Manto’s Short Stories: A Habermasian Lens Ummi Farwa, Dr. Tabassum Maqbool, and Saira Akhter 302-312
33 Gratitude Mediates the Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Happiness Among Medical Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis Huma Batool, Iram Batool, and Iram Sohail Quraishi 313-320
34 Urdu Translation and Validation of Psychological Flexibility Questionnaire Summia Waheed, Dr. Sobia Masood, and Dr. Shawana Fazal 321-327
35 Investor Sentiments and Stock Returns in Emerging Market: Evidence from Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Syed Asim Shah, Aijaz Mustafa Hashmi, and Hassan Raza 328-340
36 Unbecoming Subject, Becoming Muslim Woman in Shelina Zahra Janmohamed’s Love in a Headscarf: Muslim Woman Seeks the One Saiqa Siddiq Khan, and Dr. Saiyma Aslam 341-345
37 Code Mixing as Postcolonial Marker: A Corpus Based Analysis of Pakistani English Postcolonial Novels Fawad Khan, Aqlimia Farhad, and Asma Amanat 346-356
38 An Exploration of Discourse Styles in Pakistani English Fictions Fatima Ijaz, Fazal Rabi, and Uzma 357-365
39 Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) and Associated Psychosocial Difficulties in Emerging Adolescents: An Exploratory Study Semra Salik, Dr. Mehmood Sadiq, and Dr. Uzma Masroor 366-374
40 Self-Regulation, Personality Impulsiveness and Impulsive Buying in Young Adults Sidra Zahid, Dr. Saira Khan and Amna Murad 375-382
41 Exploring the Relationship Between Academic Procrastination, Academic Stress and Academic Performance of Students Studying in BS (Hons.) Final Semester at a Public University in Gilgit-City Farzeel Goher, Dr. Dil Angaiz, and Muqadissa Batool 383-392
42 Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Pharma-Covigilance Prescribers at Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad, Pakistan Muhammad Bakhsh Lolai, Muhammad Ali Khan, and Faisal Imran Shaikh 393-401
43 Relation Between Burnout and Aggression in Amateur Athletes’ Performances Among Male and Female University Students Prof. Dr. Farah Iqbal, and Sheeraz Ilyas Shaikh 402-408
44 Chah Miran Lahore: Land of Hazrat Miran Hussain Zanjani Ar. Mazhar Munir, and Ar. Asia Jabeen 409-419
45 EKC Analysis for Various Air Contaminants in Pakistan Ehsanullah 420-435
46 Representation of Kashmiri Incident in Indian and Pakistani Newspapers: A Discourse Analysis of Burhan Wani’s Case Zaffar Manzoor, Ayesha Alam, and Abdul Waheed 436-444
47 The Influence of Family and Kinship-Based Practices on Social Interventions: An Analysis of Baradari System in Pakistan Mir Sadaat Baloch 445-451
48 From Abeyance to a ‘Strong’ Soft Power: The Progression of India’s Cultural Subtlety Dr. Samia Majeed Hashmi, and Alina Zaid 452-457
49 A Critique on the Construction of Environmental Rights as a Human Right in Pakistan: A New Dimension in the 21st Century Dr. Ayesha Jawad, Sana Akhter, and Aqsa Hamid 458-467
50 Evolution of Federalism in Pakistan: A Constitutional Study Ch. Shahzad Munawar, and Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq 468-479
51 Motives for and Barriers to Consumers’ Behavior Towards Adoptability of Solar Energy: A Case Study of District Peshawar Aqil Khan, and Dr. Naila Nazir 480-493
52 Knowledge Spillover and Total Factor Productivity Across Countries: Role of Financial Development Naveed Ali, and Prof. Dr. Zilakat Khan Malik 494-501
53 Role of Assistive Devices in the Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children in Southern Punjab Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Dr. Hina Hadayat Ali, and Dr. Muhammad Javed Aftab 502-514
54 Factors Affecting Quality of English Language Instructions in Pakistan: A Study at University Level in Southern Punjab Ayesha Kanwal, Dr. Abdul Khaliq, and Amir Jamil 502-514
55 Problem of Learning Contents Through English at BS Level: A Case Study of Cholistan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Bahawalpur Muhammad Raeed, Dr. Abdul Khaliq, and Ayesha Kanwal 523-531
56 Teachers’ Views and Opinions About the Strategies to Mitigate the Malpractices in Secondary School Certificate Examinations System in Boards of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khushal Khan 532-540
57 Impact Of Modernization and Technological Advancement on Changing Employment Patterns in Potohar Dr. Shakeela Ibrahim, Dr. Ayesha Adnan, and Samira Azmat 541-548
58 The Colonized East-Africa: A Postcolonial Analysis of Abdulrazak Gurnah’s Afterlives in Light of Frantz Fanon Dr. Hina Naz, Tania Shabir Shaikh, and Muhammad Arfan Lodhi 549-556
59 Adverse Childhood Experiences as Predictor of Depression and Suicidal Behavior in Women Asma Gul, and Prof. Dr. Naheed Atta 557-564
60 An Analysis of Reading Habits of Students Muhammad Ramzan, Dr. Fouzia Perveen, and Sobia Altaf 565-576
61 When Alternatives Exist! Probing Teleological use of English Words in Urdu Editorials Seemab Far Bukhari, Sehreen Far Bokhari, and Wafa Naz 577-584
62 An Analysis of Political Elite’s Rhetoric During Election Campaign In Pakistan Bushra Bibi, Dr. Khalil ur Rahman, and Asifa Irum 585-594
63 Impact of Ownership Structure and Dividend on Firm Performance: Evidence from KSE-100 Index Fareeha Waseem, Amna Numan Butt, and Dr. Syeda Fizza Abbas 595-608
64 Relationship Between Corporate Sustainability and Return on Invested Capital of Pakistani Firms Dr. Syeda Fizza Abbas, Tooba Lutfullah, and Fareeha Waseem 609-618
65 Conceptual Analysis of Pashto Love Metaphor Dr. Fazli Subhan, and Dr. Shuja Ahmad 619-628
66 The Positive and Negative Impact of Social-Media on Public Perceptions and Willingness to Vaccinate Against COVID-19 Sanan Waheed Khan, Dr. Deeba Shahwar, and Dr. Malik Adnan 629-636
67 A Warm Relationship with Mother in Childhood and Psychological Well-Being in Young Adulthood: A Relational Analysis Dr. Farhan Kamrani 637-640
68 Quality of Life Among Patients at Various Stages of CKD Maria Fatima, and Prof. Dr. Syeda Salma Hasan 641-648
69 Perception Regarding Self-Reflection on Facebook by Young Females of Lahore Dr. Zaeem Yasin, Dr. Sumera Batool, and Naveed Iqbal 649-657
70 Repression and Violence: A Studyof Shehnaz Bashir’s The Half Mother (2014) Under Repressive State Apparatus Theory Arifa Abid, Dr. Mujahid Shah, and Dr. Muhammad Faisal Rehman 658-663
71 Dynamics of Herding Behaviour During Extreme Market Movements in China and Pakistan Kamran Ahmed, Dr. Khuram Shafi, and Dr. Samina Nawab 664-682
72 Sociodemographic Variables as Predictors of Dietary Patterns Among Young Adults Sumaira Malik, and Prof. Dr. Syeda Salma Hasan 683-691
73 Effect of Mastery Learning Approaches in Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes at Elementary Level Dr. Muhammad Javed Aftab, Saira Tasleem, and Dr. Hina Hadayat Ali 692-700
74 The Rwandan Genocide (1994): A New Perspective on Its Causes and on the Indifference of the International Actors and Institutions Towards the Genocide Dr. Syed Raza Shah Gilani, Zahid Ullah, and Kiramat Ullah 701-707
75 Understanding Social and Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Nokhaiz Tehzeeb, Dr. Ahmad Raza, and Noor ul Zahra Raza 708-716
76 Social Media Consumption as a Predictor of Narcissism and Exhibitionism Dr. Nadia Saleem, Kausar Parveen, and Sidra Charles 717-723
77 Men’s Engagement with Feminist Movement: Aurat March and Gender Justice in Pakistan Saad Ali Khan 724-733
78 Proving Facts in Judicial Proceedings: Meanings and Mechanism of Proof in Qanoon E Shahadat Dr. Nasir Majeed, Dr. Amjad Hilal, and Raja Muhammad Usman Rashed 734-742
79 Development and Validation of Gratitude Scale for University Students Alishba Shahid, and Dr. Umm E Rubab Kazmi 743-756
80 The History of Representation in the Indian Subcontinent: The Genesis of a New Lingua Franca Dr. Sarah Syed Kazmi 757-762
81 Social Media and University Students: Trends and Effects Studies Maham Shams, Rao Shahid, and Syed Yousaf Raza 763-772
82 A Corpus-Based Analysis of Prefabricated Structures in Pakistani Research Abstracts Sabrina Malik, Gulfam Hussain, and Benazir 773-785
83 A Nexus Between Religion, Philosophy and Science: With Special Reference to “The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” Dr. Ali Raza Tahir and Zainab Ali 786-791
84 Female Subjugation through Religious Hypocrisy in Postcolonial Pakistan: An Analysis of Durrani’s (1991) Blasphemy Tahir Ayoub, Arooj Rana, and Dr. Shazia Akbar Ghilzai 792-799
85 Diagnosis of Misconceptions in Biology Part of General Science Book: A Case Study of Primary School Students Shazia Aziz, and Dr. Dr. Muzammila Akram 800-808
86 Freedom of Expression Under Censorship in Democratic Pakistan Attiya Iram, Dr. Rao Shahid, and Maham Shams 809-819
87 Classroom Assessment Practices of English Teachers at Secondary School Level in Punjab Pakistan Dr. Abrar Ajmal, Adeel Khalid, and Sana Nazir Ahmad 820-827
88 Revisiting the Determinants and Challenges of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Through the Lens of Public Opinion Dr. Arfan Mahmood, and Dr. Muhammad Usman Askari 828-839
89 Relationship Between Perceived Social Support with a Motivation and Mental Well-Being of Aspiring Entrepreneurs Humna Asghar, Inshra Yahya, and Maria Anis 840-854
90 The Role of Distributive Justice and Choice in Individual Self-Determination Hassan S. Sharif, Kaniz Fatima, and Rashida Abbass 855-859
91 Exhibition of Masculinity Among Migrant Men: Predisposing Factor of Sexual Risk Behavior Mumraiz Khan 860-875
92 Does Digital Finance and Financial Inclusion Strengthen Environmental Sustainability: Evidence from Asia Sadia Tariq, Dr. Faiza Saleem, and Farhan Shahzad 876-883
93 A Note on Some Buddhist Narrative Reliefs from Amluk-Dara Stupa, Swat Subhani Gul 884-890
94 A Study of Lexical Features of Pakistani English Naeem Khan Jadoon, and Dr. Mustanir Ahmad 891-901
95 Social Media Usage and Students’ ESL Academic Performance: A Case Study of Universities in Lahore Muhammad Junaid, Dr. Waqasia Naeem, and Dr. Muhammad Faisal Rehman 902-907
96 An Investigation of Attraction Factors of Real Estate Project by Using Composite Index Hira Qayyum, Rummana Sherwani, and Prof. Dr. Saima Gulzar 908-919
97 Experience of Health Challenges Faced by Elder Transgender in Lahore, Pakistan Hina Arshad, Inam ul Haq, and Khadija Tariq Khan 920-930
98 Dynamics of Authentic Leadership Towards Innovation: Predicting the Critical Role of Organizational Culture Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Dr. Muhammad Akmal Pasha, and Mudassar Hussain 931-939
99 Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Performance: The Role of Perceived Organizational Support Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Zarrar Bhatti, and Ribbat Khan 940-953
100 Academic Performance of Secondary Students with Respect to Parental Support Dr. Fahd Naveed Kausar, Mubeen Yaqoob, and Nasreen Akhtar 954-960
101 Effect of State Anxiety on Attention and Vigilance Using Anti-Vea Task Iram Sohail Quraishi, Dr. Iram Batool, and Huma Batool 961-973
102 Reflection: A Review to Develop Teachers Professionally and Personally Nadia Nazir, Dr. Muhammad Ishaq, and Dr. Zafar Saleem 974-982
103 Economics is Nothing without the Impact of Macroeconomic Determinants on Economy of Pakistan Dr. Rumana Zaheer, Sabiha Abid, and Waseem Abbas 983-1009
104 Judicial Review of Counter-Terror Legislation: The Jurisprudence of the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Pakistan Bushra Khan 1010-1018
105 A Phenomenological Study of Lived Experiences of 2022 Flood Survivors in Rajan Pur District-South Punjab-Pakistan Muhammad Siddique Akbar 1019-1024
106 Gender Inequality in Burns’ Milkman: A Marxist Feminist Study Tabassum Maqbool, Farhan Hafeez, and Yumna Shahid 1025-1033
107 Gender Politics and Self-Identity: A Feminist Comparative Study of Fahmida Riaz and Adrienne Rich Asma Mehmood, Tabassum Maqbool, and Saira Akhter 1034-1044
108 An In-Depth Analysis of Outsourcing Factors from Textile Industry of Pakistan Aniqa Arslan, Arslan Qayyum, and Tania Laghari 1045-1058
109 The Rise of Taliban in Afghanistan in 2021 and its Security Implications for Pakistan Attaullah Jan, and Fakhr-ul-Islam 1059-1067
110 Effect of Science Activities on Pre-Schoolers’ Creative Thinking: An Experimental Study Humaira Iqbal, Musarrat Habib, and Muhammad Saeed 1068-1075
111 A Study of Sustaining Intimacy with God as a Symbol of Unconditional Love in By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept Abrar Ahmed, Gulnaz Jehanzeb, and Saima Rani 1076-1082
112 Obstetric and Maternity Services Management in Private Hospital: An Assessment from Patients’ View of Service Quality Ayesha Shafique, Dr. Rauza, and Dr. Qlander Hayat 1083-1095
113 Opening the Black Box of Water Conservation Behavior: Holistic Perspective of a Developing Country Nijah Akram, Nosheen Blouch, and Dr. Ayesha Mehmood Malik 1096-1105
114 Relationship Between Savings, Trade Facilitation, Governance, and Investment in Pakistan Dr. Sardar Javaid Iqbal Khan, Sardar Adil Iqbal Khan, and Muhammad Imran Khan 1106-1116
115 Impact of Teachers’ Instructional Practices on Students’ Engagement and Academic Self-Efficacy: A Comparative Analysis of Online Vs. on-Campus Learning Process Syeda Um E Laila Naqvi, Sana Saleem Agha, Mahnoor Naveed 1117-1126
116 Structuring the Asset Index, Measuring the Inequalities, and Investigating the Factors of Asset Inequalities: An Evidence from PDHS Data Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Naveed, and Abeera Irfan 1127-1150
117 Portrayal of Diasporic Identities: Chances and Challenges Ayesha Malik, Abdul Latif Albaz, and Azka Iqbal 1151-1155
118 Salaamat And Hegemonic Pressures: Challenging The Masculine Ideal In Uzma Aslam Khan’s Trespassing Maria Mushtaq, and Saiyma Aslam 1156-1163
119 Analyzing the Selected South Asian Fiction in English: Politicization and Globalization Ehsanullah Danish, Hina Mustafa, and Afshan Shezadi 1164-1172
120 Facebook as a Gender Inclusive Public Space: Perspectives from Female Users in Pakistan Sajjad Haider, and Dr. Aisha Anees Malik 1173-1181
121 Exploring Gender Disparities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Unveiling Reasons behind Female Dominance in the Medical Field in Australia Ayesha Sultan, and Dr. Marjorie Jerrard 1182-1189
122 Digital Marketing Strategies and Their Effectiveness in Electoral Campaigns Tariq Hussain Bugti 1190-1194