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PJSR Vol.4 Issue 2 (June), 2022

Sr# Title Author Page# Link
1 Judicial Activism and Democracy in Pakistan: A Case Study of Chief Justice Saqib Nisar Era Sajjad Ahmad Jatoi, Ghulam Mustafa, and Muhammad Saqib Kataria 1-11 Download Now
2 The Role of Hazaras in the Creation of Pakistan: The Post-Independence Search for Identity Dr. Azhar Mahmood Abbasi, Dr. Javed Ali Kalhoro and Ayaz 12-17 Download Now
3 Police Reforms in Punjab for effective Counter Terrorism: A Preliminary Assessment Mr. Muhammad Umair Ali, Dr. Ali Khan Ghumro and Dr. Rizwan Zeb 18-27 Download Now
4 The Dynamic role of Trust towards Augmenting Team Effectiveness and Productivity Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Hira Khalil and Muhammad Ismael Ramay 28-36 Download Now
5 Core concept of glaciers and Melting glaciers effecting the global environment Dr. Khalil Ahmed, and Ayaz 37-41 Download Now
6 Framework for Educational Policy at National Level: Empirical Analysis for Nation Building through Better Policy Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Amna Gardezi, and Dr. Javed Ali Kalhoro 42-49 Download Now
7 A Corpus-based Analysis of Interpersonal Persuasive Writing Skills of Pakistani English Language Learners Ayesha Asghar Gill, Dr. Ghazal Kausar, and Shahbaz Haider 50-59 Download Now
8 Poverty reduction through Islamic charity and philanthropy Jamil Ahmed Sheikh, Dr. Hafiz Shuaib Farooq and Samreen Haider 60-64 Download Now
9 Climate Change in Relation to Feminization Of Poverty And Women Socioeconomic Status; Reflections On The Unexplored Link Wasia Arshad, Dr Ikram Badshah, and Abdul Raheem 65-72 Download Now
10 Honor Killing in Sophoclean Trilogy: A Hermeneutic Perspective Dr. Zareena Qasim, Bushra Bashir, and Dr. Asifa Qasim 73-84 Download Now
11 Education Returns Amid the Employed and the Self-Employed Sectors: An Empirical Evidence from Pakistan’s Economy Dr. Hina Ali, Dr.Shakeela Kousar and Dr. Zinaz Aisha 85-98 Download Now
12 Children’s Learning in Adults’ Environment – The Street Dr. Asma Khalid, and Dr. Syed Imran Haider 99-108 Download Now
13 A Study of Socio-Psycho Causes of Failure of Female Students At Secondary Level In District Kotli, AJ&K Saima Asghar, Dr. Muhammad Ishaq, and Dr. Zafar Saleem 109-118 Download Now
14 Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Stunted Growth Among Children Aged Under Five Years in Faisalabad, Pakistan Anam Afzal, Dr. Farhana Nosheen and Dr. Nazia Malik 119-125 Download Now
15 Leadership Integrity and Team Effectiveness: An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Organizational Culture Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Saeed Yaqoob and Syed Muhammad Wafa-ur-Rahman 126-137 Download Now
16 Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) as a Flexible System of Conflict Resolution: Evidence from Pakistan Faheem Khan, Muhmmad Nisar, and Raham Zaid 138-145 Download Now
17 Understanding India-Pakistan Nuclear Weapons Development and Challenges for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Ashfaq Ahmed, Sadaf Ghayoor, and Abdul Ghafar 146-154 Download Now
18 Morphological Properties of Balochi Verbs Safar Khan, Dr. Zahid Ali, and Dost Jan 155-167 Download Now
19 Impact of Negative Life Events on Suicidal Ideation Among College Students: Dispositional Optimism as a Moderator During Covid-19 Freeha Nazeer and Sarah Mahmood 168-176 Download Now
20 An Empirical Investigation to Extend the Theory of Planned Behavior in the Organic Food Context Yamna Khan and Dr. Irfan Hameed 177-193 Download Now
21 Donald Trump’s Policy and Posture Towards Pakistan: The Emerging Dynamics and Drivers of The Bilateral Ties Dr. Fazal Rabbi, Mahar Munawar and Syed Hamid Mehmood Bukhari 194-207 Download Now
22 Fiscal Policy and Sectoral Growth in Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Ajmair, Dr. Abdul Ghafar Khan and Uzma Bashir 208-221 Download Now
23 Exploratory Factor Analysis of Internal Resource Based View for New Product Development Process in Pakistan’s Manufacturing Sector Dr. Fozia Malik, Dr. Sohail Kamran, and Dr. Sania Sarfraz 222-233 Download Now
24 Effect of Unethical Customer Behavior on Restaurant Frontline Employee’s Perceived Service Quality Baynazir Baigh, Dr. Sohail Kamran, and Dr. Fozia Malik 234-250 Download Now
25 Collective Responsibility and Community-Based Organizations: Identification of Social Reasons Behind Dysfunctional Rural Water Supply Schemes Syed Ali Akbar, Dr. Sadaf Mahmood, and Anwar ul Haq 251-258 Download Now
26 Flea Market Economy Influencing Local Industry: System Analysis of Landa Bazaar in Pakistan Samia Zulfiqar, Mamonah Ambreen, and Dr. Anwaar Mohyuddin 259-266 Download Now
27 Determining Factors of Household Willingness to Pay for Drinking Water Services Dr. Rabia Zafar, Dr. Asghar Ali and Muhammad Maleeq-Ul-Islam Zafar 267-277 Download Now
28 Socio-Political Constructs of Dynastic Political Elites of Pakistan Dr. Gull-i-Hina, Dr. Tayyaba Sohail, Tania Sohail 278-287 Download Now
29 An Exploratory Study of Social Capital Formation Through Social Networking Sites Muhammad Arqam Mushtaq, Dr. Muhammad Shabbir, and Dr. Sadaf Mahmood 288-294 Download Now
30 Impact of Mindfulness on Intolerance of Uncertainty and Affective Lability Among Individuals with Histrionic Personality Features Humaira Bibi, Summaira Naz, and Faria Khan Afsar 295-305 Download Now
31 Leadership Style and Employee Retention in Higher Education Sector of Pakistan Dr. Sobia Iqbal, Muhammad Waqas, and Burhan Sami 306-317 Download Now
32 Social Relations, Suicidal Probability and Quality of Life of HIV Positive Individuals Abida Kareem, Nafisah Jabeen, and Rabia Khawar 318-323 Download Now
33 Parallel Import of Copyrighted Work in Pakistan Rabia Javed and Dr. Zahish Farid Khan 324-340 Download Now
34 The Dynamics and Drivers of Contemporary Islam/Muslims in China Munib Ahmed, Munaza Mubarak, and Bushra Altaf Mughal 341-349 Download Now
35 Children’s Experiences of Subjective Wellbeiing and Care in Institutional Setting Dr. Aaqib Shahzad Alvi, Dr. Maliha Gull Tarar, and Asma Ashraf 350-362 Download Now
36 Social Context of Post-Cesarean Stress Management by Young Mothers in Lahore Aneeqa Tariq and Dr. Ahmad Raza 363-369 Download Now
37 Intention to Leave a Job among Public Sector University Teachers: A Case of Work Environment Dr. Muhammad Shoaib, Sajid Mehmood, and Sumaira Mukhtar Butt 370-383 Download Now
38 Revisiting the 18th Amendment in the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan: Debate over Centre-Province Powers Ghulam Mustafa Gaho, Ahmad Hussain Shah Bukhari, and Syed Anwar-ul-Mustafa Shah 384-390 Download Now
39 Post Disaster Reconstruction Experiences and Expectations of Women: A Case of Northern Pakistan Bushra Ali and Dr. Raana Malik 391-398 Download Now
40 Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting the Reproductive Behavior of Nomads Basharat Ali, Asif Niaz, and Muhammad Umer Zafar 399-405 Download Now
41 Impact of Delayed Justice on the Economic Lives of Litigants: The Case Study of Civil Suits at District Swat, Pakistan Faiz Ullah, and Mansoor 406-413 Download Now
42 Assessing the Academic Resilience and Academic Self-Concept for Academic Achievement in School Students Shabbih Fatima, and Prof. Dr. Masood Nadeem 414-420 Download Now
43 An Analysis of 19th Century Educational Reforms of the Subcontinent through the Postcolonial Lens Ariba Anwaar Ul Haq and Dr. Fatima Sajjad 421-430 Download Now
44 The Politics of Linguistic Marginalization in the Third Space: A Postcolonial Analysis Dr. Sarah Syed Kazmi 431-438 Download Now
45 Validation of Prenatal Obsession Compulsion Scale-Short Form Sameera Shafiq, Maryam Batool and Tayyeba Kiran 439-444 Download Now
46 Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Oil Prices in South Asia: Panel Data Analysis Aziz Ahmad Khan, Sara Noreen, and Mohammad Farooq 445-457 Download Now
47 Conserving Wooden Structure of Neelum and Leepa Valley, Kashmir Dr. Maseeh Ullah, Abdur Rehman and Dr. Junaid Bashir 458-483 Download Now
48 Interpersonal Factors of Beneficiaries Affecting Reproductive Health Services of Lady Health Workers Nazia Salah ud Din and Dr. Tahira Jabeen 484-490 Download Now
49 Otherness vs. Ubuntu: A Positive Discourse Analysis of Speeches of Nelson Mandela Nighat Khurshid and Dr. Fauzia Janjua 491-499 Download Now
50 Public Perspective about Party Identification in Peshawar Valley, Pakistan Adil Zaman, and Dr. Muahmmad Mushtaq 500-513 Download Now
51 Assessing the Contribution of Physical and Financial Infrastructure to Inclusive Development in Pakistan Dr. Zakia Batool, Muhammad Haroon, and Muhammad Sohail 514-525 Download Now
52 China’s Engagement with Taliban After American Withdrawal: Implications for Pakistan Jalal Ud Din Kakar, and Dr. Asad ur Rehman 526-536 Download Now
53 Transformation of Leadership Paradigm in Balochistan: A Case Study of Baloch Led Militant Groups in Post 2004 Period Muhammad Waseem Shah and Dr. Muhammad Irfan Mahsud 537-544 Download Now
54 Impact of Free Cash Flow on the Financial Performance: Evidence from Commercial Banks of Pakistan Zill e Humma Komal, Dr. Saadia Saeed, and Dr. Iram Iqbal Qazi 545-551 Download Now
55 Importance of CPEC A Crown Jewel of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) for China and Pakistan Irfan Ali 552-558 Download Now
56 Stigmatization of Seeking Mental Health Care: Youth Perspectives From Pakistan Afsheen Talat, Dr. Shaheer Ellahi Khan, Momna Hassan 559-566 Download Now
57 Multidimensional Poverty Disparity in Pakistan Sania Rehmat, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees 567-582 Download Now
58 Influence of Gujari on Learning of English Lexemes: The Semantic and Conceptual Perspective Farooq Ahmed and Prof. Dr. Roohulamin 583-593 Download Now
59 Product Placement in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry Fizzah Khalid Butt 594-602 Download Now
60 Practice of Polygamy in 19th Colonial Muslim Families: Socio-Cultural Analysis of Urdu Novel Fasana -i-Mubtala Dr. Gull-i-Hina, Inam Ul Haq, and Dr. Tayyaba Sohail 603-608 Download Now
61 War and Regime Survival: A Case Study of the Afghan War of 1980s Dr. Waheed Ahmad Khan, and Dr. Muhammad Usman Askari 609-618 Download Now
62 Role of Electronic Media in the Revival of Democracy in Pakistan in the First Decade of the 21st Century Dr. Saima Naz Sangi, Dr. Jamshed Ali Baloch, and Dr. Ali Khan Ghumro 619-625 Download Now
63 Unification of Corporate Governance (CG) Model in the European Union and Brexit: An Analytical View Afrasiab Ahmed Rana, Dr. Abbas Ali, Zeeshan Hussain 626-634 Download Now
64 Traditional Perceptions Towards Drinking Water and Sanitation Conditions in South Punjab Pakistan Saif Ullah, Dr. Yasir Nawaz Manj, and Muhammad Imran 635-644 Download Now
65 Perceived Masculinities and Transition to Fatherhood in Men from Lahore Inam ul Haq, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Usman, Dr. Muhammad Ishaq 645-650 Download Now
66 Socio-Psychological Factors of Terrorism: A Case Study of Terrorism in District Swat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Dr. Safi Ullah Khan Marwat, and Nasib Amin 651-657 Download Now
67 Feminist Objectification: Critical Discourse Analysis of Feminist Criticism of Traditional Spousal Sexual Discourses and Practices Asma Majeed, and Dr. Raana Malik 658-667 Download Now
68 Impact of Tourism on the Lifestyle of Local Community in the Swat Valley Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro, and Muhammad Abbas 668-682 Download Now
69 Resisting Neoliberalism: A Study of H.M. Naqvi’s Home Boy Ayaz Muhammad Shah, and Dr. Muhammad Sheeraz 683-693 Download Now
70 Self-Directed Professional Development Approach: A Challenge for Secondary School Teachers in Pakistan Afia Arif, and Dr. Munnaza Ambreen 694-701 Download Now
71 Disaggregating the Demand Elasticities of Rail Services and Its Influencing Factor in Pakistan Nighat Jahan, Muhammad Imran Khan, and Dr. Kamran Abbas Naqvi 702-716 Download Now
72 Contemporary Geopolitics in Central Asia: Impediments and Opportunities for Pakistan Tanweer Shahid TI(M), and Dr. Adam Saud 717-726 Download Now
73 Effects of Parenting Style on Personality Development of Youth in Okara District, Pakistan Dr. Shahzad Farid, Saba Qadeer, and Rehan Sarwar Bhatti 727-732 Download Now
74 Infertility and Use of Modern Reproductive Technologies: Islamic Perspective Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Dr. Syed Muhammad Shahid Tirmazi, & Bilal Hussain 733-743 Download Now
75 Awami National Party’s Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2008-2013): Hurdles, Strengths, and Weaknesses Dr. Safi Ullah Khan Marwat, Sadia Kousar, and Shafaeen Latif 744-753 Download Now
76 Awareness and Perception about Stammering among School Teachers in Punjab, Pakistan Umera Iftikhar, Dr. Ghazala Ishrat, and Snober Bukhari 754-769 Download Now
77 PAK-US Alliance on War of Terror: Evolution of Pakistani Contemporary Art in The Wake of Increased Violent Extremism Sobia Tassadduq, and Dr. Sadia Sulaiman 770-792 Download Now
78 Can the Subaltern Speak? An Analysis of Home Fire (2017) by Kamila Shamsi Salma Rind, Dr. Ume-Kulsoom, and Khaleeque Zaman Mahesar 793-798 Download Now
79 Polarization of Educational Institutions as an Outcome of Sectarian Conflict in Gilgit Baltistan Muhammad Tahir, Dr. Shuja Ur Rehman, and Imadullah 799-809 Download Now
80 The Economic Facets of Legislation During the First Era of Nawaz’s Government (1990-93) and Its Impacts on the Economic Issues of Pakistan Amir Nawaz, and Dr. Akhtar Hussain 810-818 Download Now
81 Social Media Use and Youth Well-Being: The Role of Social Appearance in Contributing to a Sense of Inferiority Sana Attah, Dr. Sobia Shahzad, Dr. Sumera Batool 819-827 Download Now
82 Political Dimensions of Pakistan’s Engagement in the US-Led ‘War on Terror’ Dr. Sadaf Bashir 828-837 Download Now
83 The Catastrophic Trap: Association of Gender Differences with Depression and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic among Pakistani Social Media Users Prof. Dr. Ra’ana Malik, Shariq Waheed, and Rabia Hameed 838-848 Download Now
84 Syntax or Semantics: An Exploratory Study Hassan Alamgeer, Zoulfiqar Ali, and Muhammad Iftikhar 849-858 Download Now
85 Prevalence of Psychological Distress Among Families of the Individuals with Drug Addiction Muhammad Sajjad, Dr. Aqeel Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Tayyab 859-864 Download Now
86 Teaching Fact-Finding in Clinical Legal Education: Wigmore Chart as a Pedagogical Strategy Dr. Nasir Majeed, Dr. Fazli Dayan, Dr. Mian Muhammad Sheraz 865-873 Download Now
87 The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Presence of Burnout: Analyzing Employee Performance Dr. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Nabia Fatima 874-882 Download Now
88 Capitalism, Cannibalism and Humanism: A Multimodal Analysis of the Movie “The Platform” Dr. Muntazar Mehdi, Aazma Anwar, Maroof Ahmad 883-892 Download Now
89 Public Policy in Pakistan a Roadblock to the Execution of Foreign Arbitral Award Ammara Sharif, Shan Ali, and Sumaira 893-905 Download Now
90 Representation of Source, Target and International Target Cultures: The Inclusiveness of Teaching Contents in Pakistan Dr. Azhar Habib, Dr. Muhammad Yousaf, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Uzair 906-915 Download Now
91 The Negative Effects of Cultural Diversity: A Cultural Differentialist Critique of Pakistani Literary Discourse Gulzar Ali, Dr. Azhar Habib, Dr. Muhammad Yousaf 916-922 Download Now
92 The Rise of Hindutva: Implications for Indian Muslim Minorities Ziafat Zishan, Jalal-Ud-Din Kakar, and Javeria Fatima 923-932 Download Now
93 Importance of Devolution: A Case Study of Punjab Local Government Act, 2019 Irfan Kausar, Waseem Abbas, and Khubaib Azam 933-941 Download Now
94 Pakistan-Canada Relations: Prospects and Challenges Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, and Sarah Ahsan 942-957 Download Now
95 Impact of Electoral Laws in Reducing Gender Gap in the Voters’ Lists Waseem Abbas, Irfan Kausar, and Khubaib Azam 958-974 Download Now
96 Moniza Alvi’s Diasporic Sensibility in Constructing Gender in Split World Poems and Black Bird Bye Bye Tayyeba Ashfaq 975-981 Download Now
97 China-Taliban Relations, Perceptions and Engagement: A Case of Taliban’s Politico-Economic Predicaments Jalal-Ud-Din Kakar, Javeria Fatima, and Muhammad Waqar Anwar 982-991 Download Now
98 An Analysis of the Determinants of Female Voting Decisions in Australia and Pakistan Dr. Adnan Nawaz, Dr. Musharaf Rubab, and Dr. Ghulam Mustafa 992-1002 Download Now
99 Role of Media and Its Impact of Contents on Audience: A Comparative Study of Mainstream Private Channels Dr. Robina Saeed, Dr. Aemen Khalid, and Javeria Nazeer 1003-1009 Download Now
100 A Linguistic Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on English Language Diction in Pakistan Nasim Gul, Dr. Syed Sabih-Ul-Hassan, and Dr. Said Imran 1010-1017 Download Now
101 An Investigation into the Challenges Faced by the Secondary Level Students in Speaking English in District Kohat KPK Pakistan Nasim Gul, Dr. Mansoor Ali, and Dr. Syed Sabih-Ul-Hassan 1018-1027 Download Now
102 Hindu Nationalism and the Fate of Secularism in India: Predicaments and Its Prospects Jalal-Ud-Din Kakar, Muhammad Akif Khokhar, and Ziafat Zishan 1028-1038 Download Now
103 Court and Coast: The Mughal- Portuguese Relations (1498-1700) Tayyiba Munir, and Dr. Gull-i-Hina 1039-1047 Download Now
104 The Representation of Women’s Identity in the Holy Woman and Slum Child Nabila Rehman, Tabassum Maqbool, and Saira Akhtar 1048-1057 Download Now
105 Media Framing and Foreign policy- Decision Making: An analysis of Pak China relationship (Media perspective Jan 2012 to Dec 2013) Sobia Farooq Prof. Dr. Zahid Yousaf 1058-1066 Download Now
106 Money Price Causality and the Role of Financial Crisis Ghulam Mustifa, Zaheer Abbas, Waseem Shahid Malik 1067-1078 Download Now
107 Representation Of the Colonizers in a Grain Of Wheat By Ngugi Wa Thiongo Yasir Arfat, Hafsah Tariq 1079-1085 Download Now
108 Ritual Of Lighting And Burning At Bari Imam Shrine: Diya As A Dominant Symbol Laraib Qureshi 1086-1096 Download Now
109 A Comparative Analysis of Ecological Footprint of Rural-Urban Households in District Swat Dr. Anwar Hussain, Dr. Umar Hayat 1097-1117 Download Now
110 Students’ Perception Of Teacher Feedback At The Girls’ Secondary School Level Manzoor Ahmed, Shameer Khokhar, & Zumrud Nisar 1118-1126 Download Now
111 Abrogation Of Act 370 And 35a: Diverse Realities Represented In Pakistani, Indian And International Media Discourse Dr. Arshad Mehmood, Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq, & Shabana Azad 1127-1135 Download Now
112 Need Of International Legislation Regarding Cyber Crimes: Pakistan Perspective Ashraf Ali, Ilyas Khan, and Sobia Bashir 1136-1144 Download Now
113 Comparative Analysis Of The Qualitative Energy Diplomacy Of The Us And China Towards Central Asia: Barriers To Protect Energy Interests Arfan Mahmood, Umbreen Javaid 1145-1153 Download Now
114 The Outbreak of Covid-19 and Online Education in Pakistan: Transformation with Digital Media and Information Communication Technology Sanan Waheed Khan, Malik Adnan, and Muhammad Basharat Hameed 1154-1162 Download Now
115 Role of Women in Dispute Resolution and Peace Building in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Critical Analysis of Khwendo Jirga (Sisters’ Council) Dr. Sumara Gul, and Dr. Sadia Fayaz 1163-1173 Download Now
116 Journalism in New Media Age: Exploring Journalists’ Perceived Ease and Impact of Twitter on Job Performance in Pakistan Dr. Babar Hussain Shah, Sana Rashid, and Dr. Malik Adnan 1174-1184 Download Now
117 Exploring the Factors Affecting the Pakistani Family Food Environment in the Post-Pandemic Era: A Qualitative Study using Thematic Analysis Atif Ali Gill, Khadija Rafia Kazmi, and Babar Ali 1185-1192 Download Now
118 Effect of Captions on the Interpretation of Non-Verbal Attitudes Shown in Images Dr. Aamir Mehmood Bajwa, Dr. Ayesha Mirza, and Dr. Zaeem Yasin 1193-1200 Download Now
119 The Influence of Gender on the Discourse Markers in Pakistani Sign Language Eesham Fatima, Dr. Waqasia Naeem, and Dr. Irfan Abbas 1201-1207 Download Now
120 Underlying Ideological Powers in Speeches of PDM Leaders: A Critical Discourse Analysis Study Maria Saleem, Shafaq Shakil, and Dr. Muhammad Faisal Rehman 1208-1215 Download Now
121 A Comparative Analysis of Lexical Bundles Used by Native and Non-Native Novel Writers Faiza Latif, Shumaila Dodhy, and Mohsin Tajammul 1216-1231 Download Now
122 A Barthesian Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants by Earnest Hemingway Hafiz Faridoon Abdullah Malik, Sajid Ali, and Aqsa Batool 1232-1238 Download Now
123 Media Landscape: Public Perspective on Media in the Post-Merger FATA Abdur Rauf, and Dr. Abdul Wajid Khan 1239-1254 Download Now
124 Unleashing South China Sea Conflict – Multiplex Analysis of Diplomatic Chaos Hammad Kamran, Abida Yasin, and Ali Shouzab 1255-1261 Download Now
125 International Human Rights and Its Judicial Enforcement in Pakistan Rashida Abbas, Muhammad Akif Rashid, and Fazal Elahi Bilal 1262-1271 Download Now
126 Influences on the Development of Empathy in Children: A Literature Review Amna Murad, Dr. Saira Khan, and Sidra Zahid 1272-1278 Download Now
127 Dictatorial Rule, Political Repression, and the Third World: An Analysis of Gabriel García Márquez’s the Autumn of the Patriarch Dr. Mustanir Ahmad, Dr. Ayaz Asfar, and Dr. Sobia Masood 1279-1285 Download Now
128 A Comparative Study of Partition in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy Man and Kamila Shamsie’s a God in Every Stone Dr. Waheed Ahmad Khan, Dr. Imran Ali, and Dr. Muhammad Farooq 1286-1293 Download Now
129 You`re Just Beautiful! Analyzing Mediated Counter Stereotypes in Sports Femvertising and Brand Purchasing of Males of Lahore Seemab Far Bukhari, Wafa Naz, and Rana Adnan Shahzad 1294-1301 Download Now
130 Consumption Patterns and Perceived Usefulness of mHealth Apps among Youth Shabana Asgher, Dr. Faiza Latif, Dr. Dur-e-Ajam 1302-1311 Download Now